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Tomek is Franck Lafay's solo project. After playing with several bands (Chrysald, Siamese Freaks) in the 90s, he finally made up his mind and started the recording of a more intimate repertoire in 99. Out of these home sessions was born his first album, in which he plays all the instruments himself. Some tracks are purely instrumental, and the simultaneous use of machines (sampler & sequencer) and instruments takes us through very detailed & ever changing atmospheres. Though a calmer project than his former ones, his music is also more insidious & reflects an anxious sensitivity, full of checked tenseness, soaring spleen & intimate obsessions.

Above all a studio project, some magical pedals (live samplers) enable him the following year to give concrete expression to these songs on stage, where he plays the guitar and sings, on his own, lead by a musical urge. Thus, since 2001, Tomek has among others shared the stage with the Birdwatcher (US), Tamara Williamson (Can), Troy Von Balthazar (Chokebore - US), Sug[r]cane (Lux), Melmac (F), Blumen (F)...

At the same time, Franck also appears in other musical projects both in band (Baka ! - experimental noises vs live electronics) and solo (Gasp - electronica-ambiant). He also collaborates with visual artists, dancers & puppeteers (Annex99, Luc Bernad, Stéphan Pelissier, Cie Encorps à venir, Cédric Touzé, les Enclumés), doing the sound work for their performances & shows.
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After a recording that lasted years, that saw Tomek's style asserting itself, adding a rock and electronica touch here and there, the 2nd album is now finished and is available.

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