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This is not a collaboration but another solo project that has so far been dormant... two tracks have nevertheless been released on a compilation cdr called Ambiant aero jam et loop bbq on the raf records label in 2001, as well as another one on the compilation of a luxemburg magazine, Salzinsel (cf news 20/12/04).
Oh, by the way, the style is resolutely turned towards electro music, including guitar loops, sound layers of various origins, and concrete sounds. the result is often dark and uneasy.
A demo might come out one day maybe...

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experimental noises vs live electronics

This band was created in 1998 as the result of my meeting with JL Prades (Imagho), the both of us sharing the same eclectic musical tastes.
At first oriented towards noise-core music, bass/vocals + guitars/vocals + tapes (drums & other sounds), the band managed an evolution through new atmospheres relying more & more on tapes, til a 2 year studio isolation became necessary to fulfil their need for more contrasted and detailed landscapes, thus having more space for research. 2003 saw the release of their real first album, simply named Baka! on the french label Unique records.
Baka! now turns to sheer improvisation on stage, with two guitars, 2 laptops & some treatments (live sampling) & other weird things. The duo proposes a set performance far away from their first rock concerts, between noise/expe & electro, sound diversion & onirical atmospheres.
A second album called Ephémère & composed of one single track recorded during live rehearsals or on stage was released in 2004 on the Hitomi recordings label.
More infos are available on the sites of the labels Unique records and Hitomi recordings.

Baka! myspace page

Papy l'boxeur

Plastic and music theater

It's a show mixing "puppet, accordion, samples, testimonies and sculpted sound atmospheres".

After years of reflection and preparation, then many work sessions since 2005, the show is performed for the first time on february 2006 in Chagny, on march in Bordeaux then at Chalon dans la rue in july of this very year.

with Cédric Touzé playing the accordion, doing the puppets & in charge of the visual world, Franck Lafay & his machines (live sampling, laptop, effects) in charge of the sound atmosphere, using the accordion as a major musical source, & Hervé Duca as stage director.

For more details click here.

Papy l'boxeur :


Created in 2003, named in 2005, new duet with Cédric playing accordions (& visual world) and Franck & his machines (live samplers, laptop, effects).

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As the fortunes of life bring me to form new acquaintances & frienships, & in my will to experiment all kinds of things, to discover & be surprised, I collaborate with many artists & in different fields : painting, street art, puppetry, photography, dance...

Here's a list of the different works & shows performed during these past years.

shows / installations 2000-2006 :

And of course my participation during the Chalon dans la rue festival in the artistical collective Les enclumés for the organisation of a place that mostly staged theatrical companies & puppeteers in the best possible way (2002/2003/2004). In 2006, the place is reserved to les Enclumés... we finally are able to concentrate on our shows...

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