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New website

It's finally the time to switch to the long-awaited new website you can find at The english version is currently not available yet, I'm working on it. This site will remain for history.



After a (too) long break, Tomek is back with a new website coming in the next few days.

Other news are coming, but everything will be announced on the new site.


Concerts & more

Next week, I'll play a semi-acoustic concert at Kraspek Myzik in Lyon (69-fr) : on thursday 29th april starting at 9PM.
Before that, the 1st home show will take place for Tomek in Villeurbanne (69-fr), on tuesday 27th.

Finally, I do all my best for this news to be the last on this site, the next one will be on the new one...


Acoustic shows

Finally some news : acoustic shows will take place in the coming weeks, and home/private shows are scheduled for spring.
here are the dates :

The long awaited new site is also coming in the next weeks.



The show scheduled in Lyon didn't take place unfortunately. I admit I have very few time to take care of Tomek these days.
Some news, one day...


Concert + concert

the 1st one went well, the atmosphere in a movie theater is quite special and unique, the audience was receptive. Drums fits the rock side of the project pretty well.
The documentary shown before - About a son, interview of Kurt Cobain 1 year before his death - was fascinating.

The second one will take place in Lyon on May 17th at Kraspek Myzik, 20 montée saint sébastien. More news soon.


Movie + concert

After the festival des Giboulées contest at the end of january, I've been selected to play at the cinéma Le Morvan (Le Creusot, F-71) on april, thursday 16th after the screening of the documentary about Nirvana named "About a son". It's at 6:30 PM, and costs 5,50€.

About the new site, it may appear in its definitive shape on beginning of April at


New site coming

Thanx to the audience at shows, it's such a pleasure to see songs interact with people...

A new website is on its way, I hope to have it completed in the 3 coming weeks. The main news about it is the possibility to listen to all titles, and to download them under ogg vorbis and flac (open) formats.
To be continued.


Concerts, again

A few concerts to come :

Flyer Tomek tour autumn 2008


Live gigs, at last

chalon dans la cour poster

I can finally play live these coming days : it will happen during the Chalon dans la rue street festival in Chalon/Saône (F-71) for an alternative festival, the In-audible festival / chalon dans la cour. I'll play there on thursday 17th july near 8pm and on monday 21st near 6pm. The entrance is free...
There'll also be other concerts, exhibitions, debates, theater from thursday 17th to monday 21st.

Update : the playlist and sounds pages have been updated.


And now

If you can't read my blog posts, here are the news : The album has been sent to a bunch of selected record labels. I'm waiting - without too much illusion - for the feedback.
Whatever the answers, there will be digital download (flac + mp3) available on this site in the coming weeks with a Paypal button. And perhaps an object (homemade CD) to sale at concerts.
'Cos yes, I'm starting working on the booking of a lil' tour, gigs in my area and also outside, to see what's happening elsewhere...

About the website, I hope to have a new version in the next months.


Some news

Tomek > actually, the mixing has been edited one more time, now the mastering is done, the cover artwork too. But no label anymore, and very little time to spend on the promotion, the release and V2 of the site. But many things are in the pipeline, to be followed...
Nevertheless, I hope to play a few gigs in the coming year.


Not before time !

Tomek > finally, the mixing is over, the album will finally be able to grown away from me after so (too) many years in preparation. No release date for the moment, nor label, but there are clues.
Time for me to get back to rehearse, write and compose.

Version 1.5 > before a brand new website scheduled for next year, you have in front of your eyes an improved version of the site, in particular the overall design (navbar, titles, global presentation).
Likewise, the playlist, bio, sounds - with definitive mixes, collaborations and links pages have been updated, and a new page appears : media.
Current news, moods and comments are still developed in the blog [Fr] though.


Again & again...

Tomek > : one thinks it's over, but nothing's ever really finished. One does it again when there's a little time left apart from the big piece of the year : the show Papy l'boxeur.
So I re-recorded some voices on certain tracks, I'm polishing up, improving, refining to keep the best parts and finally come up to my expectations. Some mix remains and then, maybe it'll be possible to reach the next step : label, CD & tour, if possible. Let's hope.

Ah, I now have a myspace page : Let's be friends !

other projects >

Baka ! : back to work for a concert in june for the 5 years of the label Unique records ; 6 new titles were composed for the occasion, that might become the best part of a new record... still to be recorded.

Les enclumés : Chalon dans la rue has just ended with a rather positive conclusion, many people attending to the shows and very good feedbacks...

update : The collaborations and playlist pages are now up to date...


At last !

Despite of my heavy timetable, I finally managed to put online a couple of songs from the forthcoming album. You can go and listen to it if you feel like doing it : sounds.


quick, quick, the latest news

Tomek > Mixing is almost over, some more days to be patient. I'll put 2 or 3 new titles at the sounds page as soon as possible.

Anyway, I added 2 rather old texts ("Sous la peau " and "Le 1/4 d'heure...") but appearing on the forthcoming album...
Another update, the humeur [Fr] page (still available though) gives way in the menu to the playlist one.

les Enclumés >

. FranKendriK : a minisite is devoted to this electro-accordion duet and you can just find it here [Fr].

. T^ete d'enclume / Papy l'boxeur : we are now entering the final process in the preparation of the Papy l'boxeur show with 2 consecutive work sessions (we call it "résidence" in french) and a first performance in february.

. Vari@tion 0.X : it's a plastic and sound installation (link [Fr]) with Florent Prudent that take place from 16 to 29 january.

. CD "one day at the hospital" : to be mixed in the next coming weeks...

All detailed infos are on les enclumés' website [Fr] and t^ete d'enclume's one [Fr].

All the same, soon and take care !

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