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It would seem that...

it's moving, it's going all over the place :

I've just finished the website for Les enclumés (fr) collective. It's in french only at present, but we're gonna work on an english version soon.

The t^ete d'enclume (fr) website is regularly updated, to follow the work in progress for the new show called Papy l'boxeur.

The FranKendriK (fr) CD is to be released this week. This is a new musical project with my friend Cédric who plays accordions, while I treat the sounds he produces with an iBook, live samplers & effects. For more informations, you can go here (fr).

After a couple of weeks of evident dispondency, taste for mixing (and music more widely) is back and Tomek's album is taking shape more and more every day. Some sound excerpts will be available very soon.


To stop running

one wonders after what...

Some news : the first gig with Fred on drums went off pretty smoothly, Priscille sang on 2 titles and attracted a lot of attention.
You can see nice pictures of the show here. More to come later.
The recording and the mix are currently in progress, I hope I finish it before 2012... errr, before the end of this year.

To be continued, soon, one day...


Concert !

Tomek in concert during a soirée Enclumés on saturday may 28th 2005 at La péniche, Chalon/Saône (71 - France), doors 9 PM.
more infos : La péniche



Finally, the english collaborations page is now online, thanx to Emma, my dear official translator.


What's up new ?

We want news, I hear here and there. There it goes...

So to be short :

Tomek > recording continues, 6 titles are in the mixing process.
And also : Tomek in concert on may 28th 2005 at la Péniche in Chalon/Saône during a soirée Enclumés. Musical excerpts of the forthcoming Papy l'boxeur show will also be played.

Gasp > I received copies of Salzinsel, a very nice and pretty committed fanzine, with nice solos projects comp. as a bonus.
If you want a copy (very limited number), send me an email...

rest of the world > not content with running this site and the t^ete d'enclume's one, I'm currently working on 2 another site, one for the artists' collective Les Enclumés, the other for a band close to me, Blumen. The said band that just won a contest to play at the Eurockéennes festival this year.
> Very busy too in the next few months for the preparation of t^ete d'enclume's Papy l'boxeur show.
> And oh, so many other things...



The official Stina Nordenstam website is definitively closing down in a few days (on february 14th). No real explanations unfortunately. Just time enough to thank the CQD team for its excellent work for so long.
Whether another site will take over the "official" torch remains to be seen... maybe this one : Desire Avenue, one of the most complete sites on the web.
For your information, there still are CQD books here...


some news

The french collaborations page is now online, you'll have to wait a little to get the english one... sorry.

Some links added among which a friend's one, a musician who played for a time with Siamese Freaks (cf bio)... and who carries on a more than interesting new project named Rotor Machine. Some very nice tracks to download.

And many more things to discover while surfing...

Tomek > the recording continues, drums and strings (oh yes !) are now in the can, weird sounds are added to more conventional arrangements... to be continued...

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